There are a number of cover options for your album. All of the colour options below are included in your album package. In addition, there are a number of upgrade options and extras available.

Cover Upgrades

Brushed Aluminium Cover High Gloss Acrylic Printed Cover  High Gloss Alumini Printed cover
 £50.00 £50.00  £65.00


Discount prices below only available when ordered with the main album
Must be a copy of the main album

Duplicate copy of the main album

£275.00 (+50% off cover upgrades)​ each


Downsized Extra Albums

Great for family and friends.

Photo Printed Pro Book (8″x8″) Press Printed Memento Books (6″x6″)  Mini Albums (4.5″x4.5″)
 1 for £175.00 or 2 for £262.50  2 for £195.00  5 for £125.00


Album Cover Colours